Special Dumb Review: Big Hero 6

For a glimpse of one of the most awesome projects I worked on, I am reblogging this special review.


I watched the movie with my nephew. He requested for it. Right from the moment I saw its trailer in one of those movie dates I had, I knew it was going to be cool. I’m a creative working in the tech industry; inventions fascinate me. I thought that was it, that it’s the only thing that will make it appreciable for me. But I was surprised.

It will get a bit nerdy from here. Brace yourself if you have to.

The movie brought me back to my college days when I was working with my dissertation. I worked on a system that taught and implemented feed-forward artificial neural networks (ANN). The goal was way beyond providing a tutorial on ANN. I just had to include it because nobody was buying the idea that the system was capable of simulating human decision-making albeit imperfect. The real goal was to create…

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Everything’s a Surprise

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some random musings (part 2)

what now? currently my task at work is to populate the database with flood maps of places all over the country. for those who are into programming, the task involves parsing a KML file, creating objects from it, then saving it to the database. i already got a script for it, the only thing is, … Continue reading some random musings (part 2)