Obsessive-Compulsiveness Attack

A favorite author and blogger's mention of cheap fountain pens available at National Bookstore made me look instantaneously to my newly bought journal and want one. Hadn't it been midnight, I would've gotten up and gone to the nearest shopping mall to buy myself one. That's me with another obsessive-compulsiveness attack. Yes, it is self-diagnosed … Continue reading Obsessive-Compulsiveness Attack

Everything’s a Surprise

I remember back in high school, I must have had taken everybody by surprise whenever they would ask me about my plans for college because the truth was, I had none. While all my classmates and friends were getting agitated about their applications in various colleges and universities I could not even think of one … Continue reading Everything’s a Surprise

some random musings (part 2)

what now? currently my task at work is to populate the database with flood maps of places all over the country. for those who are into programming, the task involves parsing a KML file, creating objects from it, then saving it to the database. i already got a script for it, the only thing is, … Continue reading some random musings (part 2)