Quick Questions Podcast or QQ, we call it, is one of the projects that came out of the 2020 PH lockdown and the 6-month break I took from work. Eunice, the significant human, and I would hop into a video call nearly every night and we’d start talking about our respective days which often lead to us sharing thoughts about almost anything under the sun. One day, while cleaning up my inbox–which means skimming through my emails from several mailing lists before I send them to the bin–I saw an article about podcasting using Zoom. This gave me the idea. With our knack for creating digital content from simple photographs and articles to videos and our wide range of interests, I thought we could let some people into our conversations and possibly share some neat insights. Fast forward to 2021, we have now just released Season 1 of Quick Questions.

Eunice Labay

A walking contradiction INFP that can’t focus on just one hobby. A chatterbox that has a penchant for history, technology, pop culture, and all things in between.


Mark Badiola

Digital engineering manager, product manager, tech consultant, adventurer, storyteller, awkward staring competition champion, patron of penniless commuters, and counsellor of all ages (seasons?).


We release a new episode every Sunday and we accept ideas and feedback 24/7. If you have topics you would like us to explore, you want to join the show, or you simply want to show us some love, get in touch with us through the contact form below.

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