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so yeah, i write a lot during my free time. no they are not always blog entries like this one or short stories for which my close friends remember me but some life lessons and musings i could fit in a line or two. i keep them in a little book which was supposed to be my journal of some sort if i was not too lazy to write on it everyday. anyway, after more than a year these really short entries are quite many now and i thought maybe i can share them to other people like the ones who will be checking out this blog. so here they are. i know i promised to have entries related to technology but i don’t feel like writing those stuffs at the moment and there’s no significant progress with BotFactory yet. you can try this for now, i write these things at work.

November 14, 2010

just when one bowed their head and asked for your forgiveness, you build a tower out of pride. just when one was forgiven for realizing their sin, you start committing your own.

maybe this is because of our vengeful nature. most of the time we want our enemies to suffer the way we did because of them. we want them to have a painful realization of all that they have done so our forgiveness don’t come easy. but in hindsight, aren’t we sinning ourselves by doing so? i think we are committing an equally depraved act just by being too proud.

November 18, 2010

some people don’t ask questions for answers. they simply want to appear clever. sometimes we just can’t wait for our turns that we find ways to get to it quick not knowing that by doing so we only make ourselves even more ugly.

i remember writing this because of some dude over the internet. i know it is a familiar scenario for software and web developers out there who visit tech forums but it’s just something you can never get used to i think. just imagine asking people a question and disagreeing with all their answers because you think you are more clever than all of them and what you know is the right answer. if so, where’s the sense in asking the question anyway? why not just create an article about what you know than post a question just so you can count the people you can consider inferior (at least in your point of view)? people with issues like this can be so annoying.

November 22, 2010

if you fail me by any chance, just save your explanation for the end of the day when we could either talk about it lightly or i’d just sigh, smile, and call it a day considering things are okay.

when we are disappointed, upset, or angry, we can easily make a big deal out of every simple thing we chance to see and we can say things that will really hurt people around us. i suggest we control ourselves as much as we can and give it some time. at the end of the day we’ll be surprised that a lot of the things that we could have flared up with during the day were actually not worth the time and energy. we were just being ridiculous.

November 23, 2010

the more you take time thinking of ways to make it sound real, the more you give them time to think that you are going to lie. there goes the difference. truths are generally easier to say.

i find it ridiculous when people like their own words but i absolutely like this one. i was delighted when i was able to put this into words. i wrote this one when a friend informed me that she’s going to quit her job and was thinking of how she could open the topic to her superior who was already aware of her desire to leave. i believe truths don’t require time but guts. you’re gonna get to it one way or another so on most cases there’s very little sense in starting a confession with accounts of almost totally unrelated things. if you have the guts to say the truth then you just saved yourself from the rigors of creating an intricate lie that can haunt you for the rest of you life.

November 23, 2010

who’s afraid of getting old? immature people i guess.

i can still remember why i wrote this. it was the eve of my 21st birthday and everybody somewhow wants to make a big deal about aging another year. i know some of them aren’t serious. but really, who’s afraid of getting old? i think i will only be afraid of getting old when i realize that i did not grew up emotionally in the past years of my life. but as far as i can assess myself i know that great emotional growth happened to me in the past years. if it’s not enough for me to be ahead of my peers, at least i’m confident that it’s enough to enable me to think and act my age. there are some things you just know that you don’t need to prove.

so that’s just five and this is already a long entry. maybe i’ll continue next time. enjoy the season everyone!

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