Consult for Free

Ideas are meant to be shared and help is always available; we only need to ask.

Why am I doing this?

If you’re going to ask me the top three things that I love, that would be adventure, meaningful conversations, and helping people. I am always on the lookout for exciting opportunities and I think the best part of my job is understanding clients’ needs and collaborating with them to design, develop, and deliver solutions that at times can be real ambitious. This is my way of marrying all three; of scouting for the next big opportunity, building connections, and helping anybody with tech consulting needs.

Should you expect me to sell anything or come back with a proposal? That will depend on our discussion. But let me tell you this–just as I am not fond of marketing products I don’t believe in, I will not offer you any service that I think would not help you. We want the right people for the job. At times that’s not me. What I can guarantee is a no BS recommendation to the best of my capabilities.

Why should you try this?

  • You have an idea for a software product and you need an honest analysis from a third party before moving forward with it
  • You are evaluating a new tool or process changes for your development team to address challenges
  • You are getting started with tech enabling your operations and you need help planning it out
  • You are looking for a generalist who can look at the bigger picture and think with you
  • You need to rant and get something useful out of it (:

What will you get?

Scoping Meeting

This is a 30-minute recorded initial meeting you would lead. You will walk me through your objectives and challenges and supply necessary literature. Follow up conversations will be done via email.

Recommendation Document

This is a document containing the high-level analysis I have done and of course, my recommendations. You can take this as a starting point for your project or further discussion.

Walk-through and Q&A Meeting

This is a 60-minute meeting where I will walk you through the recommendations and answer your questions about it. This is also the time to discuss any possible future opportunities.

Let’s talk!