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My Zen Guide for Fellow Busy Introverts

Zen, a slang for feeling peaceful and relaxed, a tricky word to add into your vocabulary. Depending on who you surround yourself with, it can either trigger a lengthy discussion on meditation and mental health or simply raise eyebrows. If you’ve just started getting into activities that will help you achieve zen, you’d probably see…

Being Adult and Having Fun

I woke up at 7 AM on a Saturday. Six hours of sleep as usual. It doesn’t matter how exhausting the previous day was, I always wake up after six hours of sleep. I only set alarms out of habit; I have been beating every single one of them in the past years. I checked…

Changes I Have Made as an INFJ That Benefited Me Most

As an INFJ, what change have you made that has benefited you most? It was early morning and this was literally the first thing I read. Serves me right having this habit of checking out notifications on my phone, as soon as I open my eyes. Questions early in the morning are not uncommon though.…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Mark. I am an IT professional based in the Philippines. I am passionate about building products and businesses that can help society. I started my career as a software engineer before moving on to product management and general technology consulting. I have helped establish a number of startups since 2014.

Outside the office, I am a creative storyteller using different media for quality content from essays to sketches to photographs to audiograms and short films.

But above all these, I’m happy to be simply known as the office pantry’s resident counsellor. You cannot find a better deal. I do counselling over cheap coffee and oatmeal cookie. (:

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