A Beautiful Story from Teehan+Lax

So I was going through my emails this morning when I came upon my Twitter suggestions for this week. I usually just quickly read through these suggestions as I am not very active in Twitter. I simply use my account to disseminate information I gathered somewhere in the web and original content I post through my blogs.

But I digress, here’s what I really got to share. Teehan+Lax‘s twitter account was one of the suggested accounts this morning and having read their description that they do UX design, I got curious and visited their website. (I don’t search a lot of information on the hottest companies so please forgive my ignorance.) Needless to say, they got everything you would expect from a company specializing on user experience. But what really got to me was their story which you can read over here.

Learnings from Teehan+Lax
The things they’ve learned.

I won’t make this a very long one as their story’s already pretty long; but it was a good and very inspiring read for everybody. It also brings in the humanity in how they present their company to people, unlike others who are pretty high hat on how they do it.

If you’re going to ask me if they are paying me for this in any way, NO. Some stories are just worth sharing especially if there’s a lot that you could learn from them. Cheers for everybody’s happy future! -aB

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