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Got any tech consulting needs? A product you want to develop? A digital transformation plan to build? A software development process that needs to be reevaluated? I give up to 2 hours of free consulting!

“Be the adventurer that I have always been and leave every place, every life better than before.”

Hi, I’m Mark. I am an IT generalist focusing on digital engineering management and technology consulting. I am also a storyteller, illustrator, super glue of ambitious project teams, and the office pantry’s resident counsellor. Nice to meet you!

I am an adventurous creative and I am passionate about building products and businesses that make everyday living better. With experience in both functional and technical roles, I can deal with top-level business strategy down to the implementation of the algorithms that make a system tick. I live for this kind of adventure. Hit me up if you have anything you want to discuss. I provide free consulting for anyone getting started on digital transformation and tech strategy especially small to medium businesses.

What I do

Tech Consulting and Digital Transformation

Business and product strategy and design covering processes and technical architecture

Product Management

Agile product management, account management, and overall software team enablement

Service Delivery Management

Daily business and technical support operations for software products

Magazines I personally curate

I personally curate content on technology, business leadership, being an urban warrior and travel in Flipboard. You might want to check them out.

How I started

I started my career as a software engineer who was fortunately mentored by the company’s top managers for project management, software architecture, and learning and development. It wasn’t part of my plan; I was an unambitious twenty-something who simply wanted a plain nine-to-five. But I will be forever grateful for that opportunity. That expanded my horizon and allowed me to understand nearly every aspect of operations of software development services.

Three years into my career, I joined a startup as a senior software engineer. Like most startups, human resource was a challenge. Rather than sit down and feel helpless, I took it as an opportunity to apply my learnings, steer the team to a better direction, and learn further in the process.

Notable experiences

At twenty-four I was developing software while triple-hatting as a business analyst and project manager. At twenty-eight I was appointed as an executive and helped established two more startups. One was a product development startup and the other offered technology-enabled surveillance services. I functioned as the head of product development while also spearheading service delivery to locations across Luzon, Philippines. Later on, I did freelance management consulting and joined a company offering business and technology services to the Australian market, as head of their digital engineering department.

Being a generalist who switches hat faster than an unpredictable weather, I am not known for prestigious specialist titles. I am simply known as someone who gets things done and done right.

Professional Work

I currently focus on building and managing technology teams and consulting. My latest projects include the establishment of an offshore technical support centre for a product developed in Australia and an offshore product development team for Australian aged services. Alongside of overseeing these projects, I was in charge of the technological enablement of the operation centre and the technical architecture of the product.

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Nonprofit Work

On the side, I did management consulting for other tech startups. I also functioned as a marketing director for the biggest local nonprofit promoting volunteerism through digital platforms, iVolunteer. I was in charge of managing creatives in producing content, monitoring campaign performance, organising talks, and overall public relations.

Other creative endeavours

After shift and on weekends when I am not upskilling through online classes and books, I use my creativity to make art. I have always been a storyteller and have written short stories as early as eight years old. Over time I have discovered different media and it has become normal for me to move from writing to visual arts to even podcasts. Below are some samples.

I also tell stories through photos

Some of my best photos can be found in Getty Images.