some random musings (part 2)

what now? currently my task at work is to populate the database with flood maps of places all over the country. for those who are into programming, the task involves parsing a KML file, creating objects from it, then saving it to the database. i already got a script for it, the only thing is, i can only upload one flood map file at a time to the server. yeah, i know, i can do multiple uploads. but considering that the machine takes at least 5 minutes to store all coordinates of one file to the database. multiple uploading no longer appear appealing to me. it will most certainly cripple the machine. so i’m doing it one by one. which in turn gives me ample time to write something and update this pretty neglected blog.

so what’s for today. i figured i better not write something that involves a lot of thinking since i will need to keep focus on my work so i chose to continue sharing my random musings. as i’ve said before, i keep a record of random musings. i write it in a little journal that i never fail to carry in my bag. here’s another set of them and some short elaborations.

April 6, 2011
if you talk shit about other people when they’re not around, how can i trust you not to do the same with me?

this one’s pretty straightforward. this is maybe one of those questions that people tend to ask others the most even just in their heads. no, i won’t say that i’ve never talk bad of others behind their back before, but i think i can say that i’m always ready to utter the same words in front of them if i have to. that’s how i live my life. you may not call me kind or a good person but i know how to be responsible with whatever i do. but don’t get it wrong, even though it’s like that for me i of course still know how and when to be careful with what i say. it pays to always think things over before saying it.

April 8, 2011
sometimes we feel extraordinarily clever that we fail to see that by natural standards, we are actually acting foolish. oh what an irony.

i remember writing this after a moment of reflection and finding out that i often over-analyze things which ironically leads me far from the right thing. unfortunately it is not very easy to tell from one’s point of view when they are just giving things a good analysis and when they are over-analyzing and confusing themselves further. it would be good to have someone who can tell you to stop once in a while.

the following entry is a mix of English and Filipino because i talk a lot that way. but i’m offering a rough translation for those who cannot understand Filipino but would like to know it.

April 13, 2011
one of my best rules in life: to survive victoriously hindi mo kailangang mang-iwan. for once, h’wag nateng i-base ang achievements naten sa narating ng iba. it is way greater to know even just by yourself, na hindi ka basta basta mapag-iiwanan. self-respect above all praises.

one of my best rules in life: to survive victoriously you don’t need to leave others behind. for once, let us not base our achievements from what others have reached. it is way greater to know even just by ourselves, that we’re not someone who can be easily left behind. self-respect above all praises.

i remember writing this down when i encountered another person who simply won’t settle for a position because someone else occupies a higher one and they want to be just like that. i think it’s perfectly fine to desire something. but what’s disagreeable about it is when one does it out of envy. i strongly believe that self-respect should be above all praises and titles. what’s being able to snatch a place when one has to lose self-respect for it? when i do good that’s because i’m simply good or enjoying things. it is certainly not because i want to be better than someone. i prefer it that way. it keeps my conscience clean.

April 30, 2011
in every relationship, together with knowing that there is something wrong is knowing that there’s something that needs to be fixed. and knowing that there’s a problem that must be solved and working on it is way better than pretending that everything is doing well.

i posted it on a radio station’s Facebook page for it to be read to listeners. the DJ was asking for random lessons and i figured i should share it since a lot of listeners talk about love. by now you must have had the idea that the truth matters to me a lot no matter how painful or horrible it may be. that’s right, i’m like that. i just believe that the more we hide a problem, the more we make it complicated. the more we ignore it, the more it becomes painful to bear when the time comes that we had no other choice but to face it.

in life, i always try to keep things simple. like most of us, if not all, i don’t want to have a lot of “what-ifs” in life. so whenever i got the chance to think ahead and avoid complications, i make sure that i use it well. there are certain situations in life that once we’re in it will no longer be easy to think clearly. so if we got the chance to think things over at the beginning or while it is early, i think we better grab it. we may shed a tear or two but we just know it will be better that way.

May 3, 2011
it pays great to know humility. that’s why it’s one of the most difficult things to learn and re-learn.

i wrote this after observing my own attitude towards people especially those who are younger and inexperienced compared to me at work. they may have not noticed it but being very self-critical i knew there was a trace of arrogance on my actions and i didn’t like it. there are always things to learn from other people and one could miss it if he will only pay attention to himself. this not to mention how difficult it is to swallow one’s pride once he was proven wrong by someone he considers inferior. setting aside the things one knows definitely clears his mind and makes him more open and agreeable to others. sadly, this realization added to my paranoia but i guess i’m dealing with it well lately haha.

i may be right or wrong about these things but either way i think people could always get something from somebody’s musings. for now let me just wish you well.

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