honestly i just got nothing to do today so i’m blogging. the past weeks had been quite busy for this certain project involving a bank but something came up and we’ve been idle for more than a week now. anyway, i just celebrated my birthday last thursday and i bought pizzas for the team. no it was not really my idea but they asked for it so that was what i bought them. after eating boxes and boxes of pizza the team just played a game of cards called ‘bluff’ and then went home leaving an untouched bottle of coke in the fridge. the following day the whole content of it was already frozen. i thought it was okay though. i just got it out of the freezer and put it down on a lower shelf hoping that it would turn liquid again. the weekend passed and just this lunch period i decided to check on it and maybe fill myself a glass. but surprise, it has turned into a cokexplosive. yeah i just made that term up for coke bottles with previously frozen content ready to explode. imagine the hilarity of seeing me hurrying to the sink so that the bottle could do its business there haha. nothing really bad happened except for some coke spills on the floor for which i felt sorry for the housekeepers. this is still a nice day.

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