oh well, hi world!

hi! i’m arvin. i write in lowercase just for style, if you hate it i’m truly sorry for that. but please let me go on with this blog. i’ve been blogging for years but that doesn’t mean i’m very prolific in the blogosphere. i just blog when i feel like it. i hate ending the week without putting any updates in my blog but i also never wanted to talk about pure nonsense so if you’re going to follow this blog, just please bear with me if you won’t see anything new for days. i promise i’ll try harder this time.

anyway, i said that i’ve already been blogging for years. maybe now you’re wondering what’s the purpose of this new blog. well i created my first blog accounts back in college and they mostly contain student rants and musings, things i  certainly do not want to bother you with. but if you want to check them out, you are free to ask me for the link. now let’s get back to the question. i intend this blog to contain stuffs that i now deal with as a professional. you could expect my posts to be about projects, quick fixes, and opinions to news and events in the IT world.

no i am no authority about the stuffs i just said. like what i have in my description, i’m only twenty two and very new to the industry. but i figure it would be good to have something to read from other people once in a while even just for leisure and so i’m writing.

that’s pretty much all that i got to say but okay i’ll give a much detailed description of myself before i end this post. like what i said i am twenty two and sagittarian (for those who are into astrology and stuffs alike). i am a Filipino and yes you know most of us because of Youtube. i am a computer science graduate from the University of the Philippines Manila. i love music. my playlist contains mostly sort of slowcore but i also dig blues, jazz, and oh wait even opera. i sing when i’m alone like most people i believe. i read quite a lot and watch movies most people don’t bother watching. i also paint and draw and do all those arts and crafts. yes you can say that i do almost everything. but remember that i did not say that i was very good at them haha. maybe i’ll post some here and leave the judgement to you folks. i stand 171 cm tall just in case you’re curious. i also wear smart casual attire at work whenever it’s okay.  it’s pretty difficult to travel for miles dressed up in a tropical country.

that’s it folks. good day to everyone!

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