What do I do, really?


On the 21st of June 2020, I will be celebrating my 10th year in the IT industry. If you just met me and that happened outside the workplace, there’s a chance that you would find that mind-blowing. Not a lot of people can really identify me as a tech guy until I start talking about technology. People don’t normally get that vibe and I have a myriad of other interests I can talk about. But yes, I am a tech guy. And now that you know that, the next thing you might want to know is what I actually do.

For the most part of my career, I told people I was a software developer and, unless they did not understand the title, that was usually enough for them to imagine what I do. But the truth is software development had always been just one of the things I do…

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That One Thing Every Software Engineer Wanted Their Customers to Know

Okay, to claim that this is the most significant thing that a software engineer wants his client to know would be a little presumptuous. But what I am about to say is something that most software engineers can relate to. "What's that one thing you wish your customers know?" is a question that's been asked many many … Continue reading That One Thing Every Software Engineer Wanted Their Customers to Know

In Retrospect: My First Year in a Tech Startup

No, I'm not one of those startup founders trying to convince the world and myself that I made an excellent decision. Maybe not yet. I am one of those consultants working for one. Last November 25, 2014 I celebrated my first year in the startup I joined after I thought that maybe the corporate world … Continue reading In Retrospect: My First Year in a Tech Startup

Special Dumb Review: Big Hero 6

For a glimpse of one of the most awesome projects I worked on, I am reblogging this special review.


I watched the movie with my nephew. He requested for it. Right from the moment I saw its trailer in one of those movie dates I had, I knew it was going to be cool. I’m a creative working in the tech industry; inventions fascinate me. I thought that was it, that it’s the only thing that will make it appreciable for me. But I was surprised.

It will get a bit nerdy from here. Brace yourself if you have to.

The movie brought me back to my college days when I was working with my dissertation. I worked on a system that taught and implemented feed-forward artificial neural networks (ANN). The goal was way beyond providing a tutorial on ANN. I just had to include it because nobody was buying the idea that the system was capable of simulating human decision-making albeit imperfect. The real goal was to create…

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Article: Wall Scrabble by Restoration Hardware

Wall Scrabble by Restoration Hardware http://hiconsumption.com/2014/11/wall-scrabble-by-restoration-hardware/ I suck at "competitive" scrabble. By that I mean I simply put on the board whatever word I can make with my tiles; if it fits then that would be it for me. Years ago I met this guy who plays scrabble like it's a chess game. He knows … Continue reading Article: Wall Scrabble by Restoration Hardware