10 Questions About Pinoy Culture

Pinoy culture, everything seems perfectly fine until you take a step back and start asking why we do what we do or behave in a certain way. In this episode, we had fun asking each other random questions about quirky stuff that are undeniably Filipino, and tried to answer them to the best of our … Continue reading 10 Questions About Pinoy Culture

How do you deal with snowflakes?

Snowflake, if you're not one then you've probably met one. After all, the term is often attached to millennials and we millennials are pretty much everywhere. According to Manila Recruitment's article back in 2017, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020. In fact, as early as 2015, the Philippine Statistics Office survey … Continue reading How do you deal with snowflakes?

How to accept compliments?

Compliments, how do we deal with them? Some of us simply nod and get on with things. But what if we want to express appreciation? The best way changes from one situation to another and depending on our skills, it could either be a fulfilling moment or just downright awkward. In this episode we share … Continue reading How to accept compliments?