Have You Tried Turning It Off Then On Again?

I found myself seeking better challenges in the past few months. And yes, I moved out of the company after just three months. This time, I went for what I want than what’s convenient.


I just moved. Perhaps to a lot of people’s dismay except mine, I moved out of a convenient place and joined a startup. Thanks to my habit of keeping everybody’s contact information, I was able to get back to an opportunity I previously declined by sending in a carefully thought email at 1:10 in the morning.

The idea had been playing around in my head for quite a long while. I knew that I wanted it and that it was possible but I was having second thoughts. It was not about conformity in a country where most job seekers go for the big names that obviously offer big compensation and benefits; I know how to get along well with people but I’ve never really seen myself as a conformist. It was that fear of committing a bad life changing decision. It’s always easy to know what we want but we…

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