I Want a Side Job

Yes… I’m currently looking for a side job.


I was carefully putting on my shoes when I told my mom the news. I’ve just put two plasters over an open wound on my right foot and I was avoiding friction. “I am actually looking for a part time job.” I wasn’t looking but I have expected a blank stare. “Why would you look for another job?” she shot back. Alright, maybe I was expecting something a little too dramatic or Hollywood.

It was six in the morning and I was about to leave for work. I could have stopped right there and saved myself from a lengthy conversation. I knew she would disapprove. She couldn’t see the point and the tendency that I, her son, could go from slightly underweight to skin and bones worries her like every other mom I know. “Why would you do such a thing? You don’t have a family that you need to…

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