Metro Manila Flood App (MMFA)

screenshot 1 a good news came today. after months of training, the team finally got to upload its first app in the app store. i was not part of its development but i’m breaking the news just the same because i’m proud of our three people working on iOS, namely Elbert Yagaya, Lei Montas, and Pope Abella.

the team has been around for more than a year now but there weren’t much activities in the past so i can say we are pretty much still starting. and this is a good start so far. it only took an hour or so before the app got approved. well maybe that was because it’s not very complex. but it’s doubtlessly useful.

you can get the app for free at iTunes. basically it’s an app that can monitor flood prone areas around Metro Manila and send real time notifications to its users regarding the current flood situation.

screenshot 2 screenshot 3

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